Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our house! Part 3: Spare Room

So, I continue!
With part 3.
The Spare Room/Storage/Office.

This room is not too exciting. 
It's basically a mess.
Where we put everything we need to sort and organize and probably get rid of half of it.

It's the one room in the house we haven't painted or done anything to yet.
 For now we use it as an office,
and like I said,

It'll eventually be the spare room/nursery.

Right now it's all just white, and boring, but as part of our house "tour" I'll post a few pics.

As you can see, it's a total mess.
I've been planning on getting it organized, but it seems like every time I plan on it, I find other things that seem like more of a priority to work on first.
 My husband was doing hw and decided to make a face at me.
He's weird, I know... 
no one warned me before we got married. ;)

Next up

Our house! Part 4: Dining Room


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  1. Who IS that classy fellow with the manly beard and annoying stats homework??????