Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our house! Part 1: The Bathroom

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our house!
We got the house a little over 7 months ago. 
I've loved having our own place.
Lots of people asked me to post pics of our house when we bought it, and I said I would.
Every time I went to take pics I'd say to myself,
"I'll just hang this picture first, THEN i'll take pics." 
Well... then when I'd hang the picture, I'd find another project to work on before taking pics.

Well, now I finally decided to just take pics and post them for everyone to see! :)

I'm going to start with our bathroom/laundry room.
Unfortunately we lost most of our before pictures :( It was really a bummer, but hey, didn't hurt anyone, so it's ok.

So, we have a few pictures we took on our first walk-through for the house.
We have pics for some of the rooms, 
but not the bathroom.

So I'll just explain what it looked like.

The wall color was hideous!! It was canary yellow. Not a nice soft, or nice bright yellow... but an intense crazy strong yellow.
 The bottom half of the walls were wood paneling, which took about 10 coats of white paint to cover (I might be exaggerating a little bit... it was more like 4 coats. Still a lot!)
There was a horrible wallpaper border around the middle of the walls, it was green and blue frogs on lilypads... it looked like it belonged in a child's bathroom, but wasn't even nice for a child's bathroom. lol.

So, I painted the wood paneling white, and the yellow a softer green. It made the brown sink not look quite as bad.

Here's some pics! :)

So, this is our bathroom! I wish I had before pics so you could see how much drearier it looked with all that wood paneling. The whole nook behind the washing machines was wood paneling as well.

Next I'll be posting Our house! Part 2: Front Hall/Kitchen


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  1. I love your bathroom now, Hayley! You also forgot that the window trim was that AWFUL neon-green--I didn't even think it could be a wall color--it looked more like it had been exposed to radiation or something...