Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nursery Sneak Peak! :)

I've been planning out the nursery, 
as I explained in my last post.
I'm so excited to work on projects to make it come together!

The other day John and I went to Lowes
to get supplies for a nursery project I'm excited about!

We have 2 posters we needed frames for
and I couldn't find any frames
that I liked, that went well with the decor,
that weren't suuuper expensive.

So... what else to do, then to commission your husband to make
DIY frames! :)

We went to Lowes and picked out some molding we liked
and while we were at it, picked up a miter saw for John.
We knew it'd make this project easier,
and that it's something we'd use a lot in the future anyway
so we decided it was time to get one.
John was like a child in a toy store
looking through the power tools, and was so excited to get the saw.

We also picked out some decorative trim to use 
to add detail on the frame.
It looks like rope and I think will be the perfect detail on the frames.

We're currently still working on finishing up the frames,

but here's what we have so far.

 John cut the molding to the sizes we needed...

since I'm pregnant and can't be around the stain
John stained all the pieces for me.
I love the way it turned out,
it looks weathered, just like I would picture nautical wood...

John also stained the "rope molding" detail,
which looks all worn as well, which I really like.

I'll post pictures of the finished frames with the pictures in them
after we finish them.

We also have received the anchor and wheel that I'll be hanging
on the wall above the crib...

 I'm so excited to see how it all looks when it's hung.

Here's a sneak peak of the rest of the nursery so far,

This wall has the bookshelf and navy blue drapes up...

And here's the crib and changing table my parents got us!!
I'm so excited to have a crib in the house,
it makes it all feel more real!
(The crib/changing table set we wanted kept going out of stock, 
so my parents bought it for us now)
Thanks so much for the gift mom & dad, we're really grateful!


That's what I've got set up so far!

Today, I'm 25 weeks pregnant! 
I can't believe it's going by so fast!
Only 15 weeks to go until we can hold baby Jack in our arms! 

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