Friday, February 8, 2013

We're having a....

Today was our ultrasound and before I get to how it went I'll start off with some predictions.

 According to Old Wives Tales I should be having...

1) Am I carrying high or low?  Well, so far I'm not that big and it's hard to tell, but it seems like I'm carrying high   
 OWT #1 Verdict: Girl

2) Is baby's heart rate high or low?  At the first appt the heart rate was 165, second was 156, then this week before the ultrasound it was 145.

OWT #2 Verdict: Girl (barely
(above 140 is a girl, under is a boy)  

3) Salty or sweet?  So far I haven't wanted anything salty (except pickles). The main thing I crave is sweet fresh fruit and sweet vegetables.

OWT #3 Verdict: Girl

4) Acne or clear skin? I have been having horrible acne since I got pregnant.

 OWT #4 Verdict: Girl

5) Very sick in first tri or not very sick? I was very sick in my first trimester.

OWT #5 Verdict: Girl

6) Spicy or Sour? I haven't wanted anything with any spiciness at all, but I've been snacking on fresh lemon slices and loving it!

OWT #6 Verdict: Girl

7) Graceful or clumsy? Very clumsy, (but haven't I always been? lol)

OWT #7 Verdict: Boy (Wow, finally!!)

8) Craving protein (meat & cheese)? Nope... actually I have aversions to almost every protein rich food.

OWT #8 Verdict: Girl

Chinese Gender chart says:    Girl!

And now for what the ultrasound (the one that matters) says we're having... 

Apparently the "Old Wives"
weren't correct about my baby! :-p 

We planned to do a photo shoot with confetti, but had so much trouble geting
decent pictures in this blizzard.
  Eventually we ended up with a few decent ones.

Baby (now I can say, our little boy, 
instead of just baby! :))
was looking great! Everything measured well
and went awesomely.
 Baby was a total squirm-er, contantly 
moving around,
which explains why I've already felt so much movement even though it's early, (19 weeks) and my first pregnancy.
Even though baby moved a lot, he never turned to get a measurement of his spine,
so we have to go back for another ultra-sound in two weeks to get that measurement.
I don't mind getting the opportunity to see 
him again ;)  

They did a little of the ultra-sound in 4-d which was cool to see, and got an awesome picture! Our boy looks SOOO cute already!!

Here's that picture...

Baby's name will be, continuing (as John so desperately wanted) the family name of 
John Obert Baker V 
( we will call him baby "Jack" :) ) 
I can't believe there will be 4 generations of
"John Obert Baker"s 
We'll have to do a generational photo shoot 
after he's born.  

Sorry we made everyone wait so long for the reveal! The weather was so bad that it took us
2 hours to get home from the ultrasound 
(usually a 20 minute drive).

I can't wait to meet our little boy now! :)


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